Myths About VoiP Are Rooted in The Problems Of The First Developments

9 myths of voip services

Already quite a large number of people in the world know what IP-telephony is and even can, if necessary, use the Skype program and independently execute a VoIP call. At the same time, until recently, only rich companies could afford to invest substantial amounts in the organization of the IP-telephony system, and now even the most modest firms are able to acquire IP PBX. Nevertheless, among ordinary consumers, very strange ideas are still circulating that there is VoIP and how problematic it is to take advantage of the fruits of this technology. Continue reading “Myths About VoiP Are Rooted in The Problems Of The First Developments”

Unified Communications From A Different Angle

The topic of United Communications (Unified Communications, or simply UC) moves by leaps and bounds along the planet. Thematic articles and brochures are full of new terms and expressions: “presence – allows you to see which colleague is in the workplace” or “solution X allows you to save on buying equipment for a new office.” But rarely, in a nutshell, it can be figuratively and capacitive to point out the everyday value of UC, since it is seen by the end-user manager / designer / engineer / leader / business owner when he looks at the monitor and solves his current tasks. In most cases, they do not know the technical background of the solution, but they are looking for effective tools for doing business. It seems that this secret will give the key to the successful sale of UC. Continue reading “Unified Communications From A Different Angle”

Unified Communications in the firest place is Software!

The realities of the modern market are such that most manufacturers tend to tie the consumer closer to themselves. As a result, vertical solutions are proposed, which, perhaps, fulfill the functions assigned to them, but doom the customer to dictate from the manufacturer’s side. This may consist not only in the need to purchase the development of only one brand, but also requires the training of specialists (which, in fact, will be narrowly focused on the products of a specific manufacturer), purchase of additional licenses, service contracts, etc. The orientation of only one manufacturer can, in the end, be very expensive. Continue reading “Unified Communications in the firest place is Software!”