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What is Unified Communications?

United Communications (Unified Communications or UC) is a revolutionary concept that brings working communications between employees of the company to a qualitatively new level. Unified communications systems allow employees to exchange information more efficiently and quickly. The introduction of unified communications allows organizations to save time and significant finances on business trips, meetings, and long-distance telephone calls.

Unlike the use of disparate, loosely coupled communication and communication tools such as telephones, video conferencing, e-mail, public messaging systems – you get a single one that combines all the advantages of different methods into one, a safe and reliable solution located Under the complete control of the organization.

Unified communications include:

  • Display the status of the presence of users
  • A single address book
  • Exchange of short text messages
  • Voice calls and video calls
  • Audio conferences and video conferences between several participants
  • Web-conferences for a large number of participants – with the ability to record for further placement
  • Savings on telephone calls – using wholesale voice termination and VoIP services and solutions
  • Sharing and working with applications
  • Functions for secretaries – flexible management of the flow of telephone calls, delegation of calls, auto attendant
  • Call center functions – distribution of incoming calls
  • Interaction with external systems – both other organizations and public services AOL / ICQ, MSN Live, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk
  • Voice mail, answering machine and voice mailbox management
  • Access from anywhere – both in the office and out of the office,
  • Access from various platforms and various devices – computers, phones, smartphones
  • Integration with various office applications

According to a 2011 study by Gartner, the leaders of the unified communications market are the solutions of Microsoft and CISCO, each of which has different advantages in different cases. The company LanKey offers solutions for unified communications of both leaders. Learn more about each solution and you can follow the links below. In addition, LanKey also offers you unified communications for rent, like the cloud-based SaaS service.